Every now and again it is good to get some inspiration from the outside. Some agencies I worked for even brought the inspiration in house by inviting artists, poets, athletes and other people from the advertising and other industries to give an insight into how they keep themselves motivated and inspired.

I regularly whatch TED talks and go to online univerities to do free online courses, to disctract and diffuse myself and get ideas from the outside world. I find this helps me for the creation of concepts and to come up with more diverse ideas.

The best inspiration I find still however is to go out and experience live events, travel and see different things and most of all simply talk to people and ask them about there point of view and there experiences. Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures can be a real eye opener sometimes and teaches me something new every time. I also strongly believe that things can be learned from any person we meet, independent of their age, gender or where they come from. You just have to listen.

Here are some notes on events and exhibitions I visited and found worth sharing; have a look.

Tony Hawk at Semi Permanent

Tony Hawk was interviewed at Semi Permanent 2014 in Sydney by fellow pro-skateboarder and TV presenter Corbin Harris.

How I stay inspired

Events I recently visited